Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Holy Moly!

I am honored, excited and just darn giddy to have been featured this week on Cool Mom Picks.

On the site's About page, the moms humbly claim to be "just a few moms that track down cool stuff so you can stay busy being fabulous."

But, I'll side with one of my new customers who said, "Everything they touch turns to gold." I like to think those slender blue fingers are grasping not an "L" but a lightening rod that jolted a new life into my business!

I would recommend that any crafter who makes mom/kid stuff should submit their wares to the Moms. And everyone should check out the Cool Mom Picks site for gift ideas for yourself or the mom in your life!

Thank you Cool Mom!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation... I'm off to check them out! Good luck with your sales!