Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Very Own Personal Etsy Gift Guide. Part 1 - Three Sweets and a Savory

Over at everyone's favorite holiday shopping venue (yes, I mean etsy), the Holiday Gift Guides are in full swing. The guides are certainly not representative of ALL the great things on etsy, but they are a good place to look for ideas.

The guides are a coveted spot for etsy sellers, but there are a ton of folks who don't get featured. So, I decided to make my own little Gift Guides this year and am going to post my favorite items not listed in the etsy guides!

A tiny disclaimer: Items in the olliegraphic Gift Guides were not featured in the etsy Gift Guides as of my original post date! If the great staff at posts something after I do...well, great! I'll still keep it here. If only to give my significant other gift ideas.

Like the etsy guides, I think I'll arrange my picks by category. I'm feeling munchy this morning, so today's selections are of the edible-variety. Get ready to drool....

First up: Fleur de Sel Chocolate Caramel by the Calabasas Candy Co.

Oh my Lordy. A deep dark Peruvian chocolate caramel with a little sprinkle of fleur de sel. Calabasas...why do you torture me?

Chocolate + salt not your style? What about gingerbread? In fudge form? Ooohhhhhhhhh (drool). Vintage Confections sells their gingerbread fudge by the pound. Which is exactly how much I plan to eat this year.

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried making macarons? Not macaroons, those big coconut globs. I mean the delicate sophisticated french macaron... two airy wafers that melt in your mouth...a ruffly foot... filled with some preserves...or ganache...or buttercream....

Oh, I didn't tell you? Well, see that picture right up there? My macarons didn't look like that. At all. That's why I leave it to the experts at Lemonade Stand NYC.

And after all that sugar, I need something spicy. Or salty. Or garlic-y. I need something PICKLED.

Lucky for me, there's a Choose Your Own Adventure Pack at Sardine and Anchovy. Thank goodness.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A New Twist on the Family Holiday Photo Card

Why not send something different this year? All of my designs are fully customizable! Find more ideas in the shop!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Items - "Themed" Party Invitation Sets

Does your daughter love mermaids? Maybe your son fancies himself a super hero? Why not build a birthday party around the theme? I did some custom work for two clients recently and was inspired to add similar items to my shop! Take a look -- and watch for more "themed" party invitations soon!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

olliegraphic for Sarah + Abraham

For the first time ever, olliegraphic designs are being offered on a full line of PRINTED items! We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Sara Tams of Sarah + Abraham!

The collection features over 60 items and is full of options to make your personalized stationery and custom art prints truly one-of-a-kind. On every purchase, hair, skin color, clothing and expression will be customized to resemble your little one!

As always, you can order PRINTABLE stationery, calling cards and invitation sets and fully custom designs at olliegraphic.

Find the collection at!