Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Very Own Personal Etsy Gift Guide. Part 1 - Three Sweets and a Savory

Over at everyone's favorite holiday shopping venue (yes, I mean etsy), the Holiday Gift Guides are in full swing. The guides are certainly not representative of ALL the great things on etsy, but they are a good place to look for ideas.

The guides are a coveted spot for etsy sellers, but there are a ton of folks who don't get featured. So, I decided to make my own little Gift Guides this year and am going to post my favorite items not listed in the etsy guides!

A tiny disclaimer: Items in the olliegraphic Gift Guides were not featured in the etsy Gift Guides as of my original post date! If the great staff at posts something after I do...well, great! I'll still keep it here. If only to give my significant other gift ideas.

Like the etsy guides, I think I'll arrange my picks by category. I'm feeling munchy this morning, so today's selections are of the edible-variety. Get ready to drool....

First up: Fleur de Sel Chocolate Caramel by the Calabasas Candy Co.

Oh my Lordy. A deep dark Peruvian chocolate caramel with a little sprinkle of fleur de sel. Calabasas...why do you torture me?

Chocolate + salt not your style? What about gingerbread? In fudge form? Ooohhhhhhhhh (drool). Vintage Confections sells their gingerbread fudge by the pound. Which is exactly how much I plan to eat this year.

Did I ever tell you about the time I tried making macarons? Not macaroons, those big coconut globs. I mean the delicate sophisticated french macaron... two airy wafers that melt in your mouth...a ruffly foot... filled with some preserves...or ganache...or buttercream....

Oh, I didn't tell you? Well, see that picture right up there? My macarons didn't look like that. At all. That's why I leave it to the experts at Lemonade Stand NYC.

And after all that sugar, I need something spicy. Or salty. Or garlic-y. I need something PICKLED.

Lucky for me, there's a Choose Your Own Adventure Pack at Sardine and Anchovy. Thank goodness.


  1. Mmmm, yes these items definately make me hungry.

  2. Yum! Hey, it's chinamommy from etsy! I'm #51 of your followers :) Can't wait to work on my Christmas card with you!!
    ~misschell the "chinamommy"