Thursday, December 3, 2009

Olliegraphic Gift Guide - Part 2: Make My Walls Pretty

Our apartment has plaster walls. They're great for keeping out sound, but not so good for hanging stuff. Getting a picture on the wall takes a drill and plaster screw, and usually a few choice words from yours truly.

One of my plans for next year, however, is to create a "lovely" home. And I imagine most lovely homes have art. Here are my picks...can you suggest any more?

"Central Park," Limited edition print. (Matte Stephens). I love everything about this. I may have to break down and make it mine.

"yellow apple, horse," (amandakindregan). Love.

"winter wonderland II print," Limited edition letterpress print 50. (12Fifteen). Something tells me this will look even better in person than in the photo.

"Baby Crowned Crane No. 1," 7 x 8 Fine Art Print. (SharonMontrose). Why yes, I DO need a photo of a baby crane in my home. I absolutely do.

"Steve Zissou," (AutumnAndEve). This one is for my significant other. "Intern, get me a campari." "On the rocks?" "((snaps, points))"

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  1. Ha! I spotted some Matte Stephens prints in a gallery catalogue just before Christmas (handy), and guess what my gift was? Ever since then his name has just popped up everywhere I look! (I like the Steve Zissou too - great find!)